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Welcome to Holland & Grant Potpourri

Potpourri handcrafted by Holland & Grant

Holland-Grant potpourri is not just any other online shop – what we are doing is maintaining the ancient traditions by giving them a modern touch and making them practical for today’s use. Our work is to prepare handcrafted potpourri and reach the highest level of detail and perfection every time with each and every product. All potpourri is handcrafted by our in-house by our team, all experts in their respective fields including our master perfumers. For most, potpourri could just be collection of old and dried fragrant flowers in a pot but for us it is a passion, an enthusiasm and a drive to produce unique, desirable long lasting scents of distanction, pleasantly comforting and aromatic fragrances from the flowers around the world.

Supplying the wholesalers potpourri for some 30 years

For more than 30 years we have been producing some of the finest potpourri the market has to offer. With our unique blend of spices and other fragranced materials along with our many yeras of experiences, at Holland & Grant we know how to create aromas and how to keep them intense or mild enough to remain in the range of what you would call “pleasant”. We don’t limit our knowledge and skills of preparing potpourris from local flowers and ingredients. We take it a notch or in fact many notches higher and reach the most fragrant and pleasing ingredients from every continent of the world to prepare a potpourri which is not an ordinary potpourri.

Our collection is colourful, unique and the diversity of our creations is unmatched by any other potpourri providers online right now. We know tastes and choices differ from person to person so we prepare potpourris out of every species of flowers and ingredients we know of. We have in our collections potpourris that can go loud or remain very light and faint as per your needs. Our potpourris come with refresher sprays and when you feel the scent of your potpourri is fainting to an unnoticeable level, just spray this refresher and see how it feels as if you have just brought a new potpourri home.

Why Holland-Grant for potpourri?

Let not our words be your guide but our work. Browse on our website and see for yourself the diversity, colourfulness, uniqueness and finishing of our products. While the modern room sprays have all the synthetic chemicals in them to reach that level of fragrance, we prepare ours with essential oils. Our potpourris are natural fragrances containing natural oils and real ingredients from every corner of the world you can imagine. Once you put one of our potpourris in your room, you will feel that the atmosphere gets pleasant and prepared for praises from your friends for your unique approach towards scenting your room.

Fast worldwide shipping on all potpourri

Our pleasantly fragrant potpourris are for everyone and so we ship them to every corner of the world. Just contact us wherever you are or place the order online and we’ll take care of the rest. Rest assured that we are using the most secure and protected methods of online transactions on our website because the security of your information is just as important to us as it is to you. So, just choose your favorite potpourris with the fragrance that you would like in your home, hall or hotel room and have it shipped right at your doorstep.

If you would like more details on our range of products, please feel welcome to contact us direct Tel; 020 3551 3220 or via email at